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"A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, Granny Weatherwax had once told her, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her." - Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith Image: Witch by Beatriz Martin Vidal

via: The Blyssful Witch - Dark Paganism and the Occult
☽✪☾ The Dance at Alder Cove - Youth/Father/Geezer  -  I see you


This is one of my favorite paintings and I’ve never been able to find the source. Yay!


"A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, Granny Weatherwax had once told her, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her." - Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

Image: Witch by Beatriz Martin Vidal

via: The Blyssful Witch - Dark Paganism and the Occult


The Dance at Alder Cove -
Youth/Father/Geezer  I see you


This is one of my favorite paintings and I’ve never been able to find the source. Yay!

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Puffball mushrooms getting rained on.


Puffball mushrooms getting rained on.

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1. belonging to a higher world; celestial.
2. situated above or beyond the moon.
Etymology: Latin super, “prefix for above, beyond, in addition, to an especially high degree” + lunary, from Latin lūnāris, “of the moon”, from lūna, “the moon”.




1. belonging to a higher world; celestial.

2. situated above or beyond the moon.

Etymology: Latin super, “prefix for above, beyond, in addition, to an especially high degree” + lunary, from Latin lūnāris, “of the moon”, from lūna, “the moon”.


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1st Image: Natural Reactor (Great Link to GreenMan Inspired Music)

2nd Image: Phipps Conservatory

3rd Image: Faces of the Oak King From American Folkloric Witchcraft:

Cernunnos, Green Man, Woodwose, Vindos, Pwyll, Freyr, Lugh, Apollo, Lucifer, Herne the Hunter, Karnayna, Faunus, Cern, Dianus, Sylvanus, Edric, Orfeo, Tapio, Dusio, Derg Corra, Green George, Jack in the green, John Barleycorn, Robin Goodfellow, Gwythyr ap Greidawl

Station of the Wheel
Southeast, Summer Solstice (Midsummer), June, Stone Castle, Mead Moon

Stag, Oak, Robin

Stone Bowl

Cernunnos in Celtic iconography is often portrayed with animals, in particular the stag, and also frequently associated with a the ram-horned serpent, besides association with other beasts with less frequency, including bulls (at Rheims), dogs, and rats. Because of his frequent association with creatures, scholars often describe Cernunnos as the “Lord of the Animals” or the “Lord of Wild Things”, and Miranda Green describes him as a “peaceful god of nature and fruitfulness”.

The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages. Primarily it is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, or “renaissance,” representing the cycle of growth each spring.

The wild man or woodwose is a mythical figure that appears in the artwork and literature of medieval Europe. Images of wild men appear in the carved and painted roof bosses where intersecting ogee vaults meet in the Canterbury Cathedral, in positions where one is also likely to encounter the vegetal Green Man. The wild man, pilosus or “hairy all over”, and often armed with a club. The image of the wild man survived to appear as supporter for heraldic coats-of-arms, especially in Germany, well into the 16th century.

There are several examples of the Romano-Celtic God Vindos maq Noudons which can be easily referenced within texts. Most deal with the root “vin” which means “light” or “white.”

4th Image: The Oak King — Cernunnos

The Beneficent Order of the Greenman

Brightest Blessings to You!

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*crosses arms*

someone is hating on the fairies 

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Money Things 4/2014


A list of all herbs and spices associated with money magic. Common/easily attainable ingredients’ names italicized.

Alfalfa- Spiritual- Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money. Brings in money and protects against financial misfortune. Medicinal- Alfalfa builds up for a healthy and vigorous old age and resistance to infection. The juice of alfalfa in combination with those of carrot and lettuce, if taken daily, helps the growth of hair to a remarkable extent.

Allspice- Spiritual- Healing, Money, Compassion & Luck. Medicinal- Antiseptic properties aid in fighting chest infections aids in digestion, and externally helps muscle pain. Aromatically the oil is burned to treat stress & mild depression.

AlmondSpiritual- Said to attract money & good fortune when added to incense. Medicinal-Their abundance of Vitamin E, makes almonds almost the elixir for healthy hair and skin.

BayberrySpiritual- Brings money to the pockets and blessings to the home. Medicinal- it aids in reducing fevers, colds, flu, excessive mucus and excessive or heavy menstruation, as well as vaginal discharge.  Externally it is for itching skin, ulcers, sores, dandruff and hair loss.

BergamotSpiritual- Money & Success spells. Wearing it on the palm of each hand to protect from all harm. Medicinal- Externally it`s great for cuts, scrapes, skin ulcers, acne & bruises. While bergamot oil is expensive and not exactly easy to find, earl grey tea can be used easily and cheaply!

BlackberrySpiritual- Apply to all seals, talismans, charms & candles for good luck. Healing, Money, Protection. Bake blackberry pies at Lammas. Use leaves and berries in spells of wealth. Dry fruit and powder it for use in magical healing potions. Weave pentagrams from the brambles to hang in the home for protection. Medicinal- known for their anti-cancer properties, used as an anti-inflammatory. The leaves of Blackberry can even be chewed to cure mouth sores and sore throat.

Cascara Sagrada- Spiritual-Legal Matters, Money, Protection. Sprinkle infusion around your home before going to court. It will help you win your case.  Medicinal- The dried bark is used for its medicinal properties.  Used as a tonic for the liver and the digestive system and acts as a laxative.

ChamomileSpiritual- Worn by the daring to incite sexual feelings & attract attention. Money, Sleep & Love Purification. Chamomile is used in prosperity charms to attract money. Sprinkle around property to remove curses and spells cast against you. Medicinal- It’s taken internally to promote sleep, reduce anxiety, and relieve diarrhea and other gastrointestinal complaints. It’s also applied topically to speed wound healing and reduce inflammation.

CinnamonSpiritual- Used for good luck, money-drawing, fast action & love. When burned as incense, it raises high spiritual vibrations. Aids in healing & draws money. Stimulates psychic power and produces protective vibrations. Medicinal- Orally taken it fights chill, fatigue, flatulence, constipation, infections, loss of appetite, and is a great sexual stimulant.

CloveSpiritual- Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money. Worn or carried, they attract the opposite sex.  Acts as an aphrodisiac when applied to the base of the neck and on the thighs. Medicinal- Orally it is a stimulant, helps stimulate circulation. Great for toothaches! Cloves also kill intestinal parasites and act as an antimicrobial agent against fungi and bacteria. Use caution when applying it to the skin as it heats up the area you apply it to!

Clover (red clover)Spiritual- Place on a lover or spouse`s pillow to ensure faithfulness. Protection, love, money, fidelity, exorcism & success. Medicinal- it`s pain relieving, fever lowering, and sleep inducing. Good for bronchial asthma, and it`s a known cancer fighter. It contains natural plant estrogen so it`s a good preventative for menopause.

DillSpiritual- Protection, Money, Lust, Luck.  Medicinal- Dill is a stimulant, useful in increasing secretion and discharge of urine and in counteracting spasmodic disorders and overall help improve the function of the stomach.

GingerSpiritual- Love, Money, Success, Power. Adds spice to one’s relationship when applied behind the ears & knees. Medicinal- it increases perspiration, improves digestion and liver function, controls nausea, vomiting and coughing, stimulates circulation, relaxes spasms and relieves pain.

Goldenrod – Spiritual- Money, Divination. Medicinal- A bitter astringent and relaxant herb that reduces inflammation, stimulates the liver and the kidneys and is used as a urinary antiseptic and also has an expectorant, healing and anti-fungal effect. Used to treat kidney & bladder stones. An infusion of golden rod can be used as a face wash for oily skin and is added to a bath to tone up flabby muscles and skin. Allergic Reactions are common, be safe.

Goldenseal- Spiritual-Healing, Money, Spring Purification. Medicinal- It is a bitter herb that has blood purifying, stomachic and laxative properties, that reduces bleeding, reduces inflammation, stimulates the flow of bile as well as uterine contractions, while acting as a mild laxative as well. It improves digestion and has a decongestive effect and is effective against bacterial and amebic infections. Wild goldenseal is now so rare that the herb is listed in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. A good substitute is – Oregon Grape Root.

HeatherSpiritual- Protection, Rain Making, Luck. When the fern is burned as a smudge stick it will attract rain. Anoint your purse or wallet with this daily so you will never be without money. Medicinal- Great for treating arthritis, spleen complaints, prevention and formation of kidney stones, stomach and back ache, even paralysis and tuberculosis.

HoneysuckleSpiritual- Money, Psychic Powers, Protection. Anoint on the temples to heighten psychic powers, increases spiritual sight. Aids in cauldron magic, when burned as an incense. Medicinal- some types can be mildly poisonous and therefore we don’t recommend it for this purpose.

JasmineSpiritual- Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams. A powerful love oil, used to bind someone to you. A drop of the essential oil in almond oil, massaged into the skin, is said to overcome frigidity. Medicinal- Jasmine is an astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, cooling and bitter herb. It stimulates the uterus, calms nerves and is reportedly an aphrodisiac for women.

Mandrake- Spiritual- Protection, Love, Money, Fertility, Health. One of the most powerful wiccan herbs. Mandrake is used in the home as a powerful protection. Best herb for love magic, visionary powers, intensifies the magic of any situation. A whole mandrake root placed in the home will bring protection and prosperity. Carried, it will attract love. Medicinal- All parts of the plant are poisonous, mandrake contains delirian hallucinogenic tropane alkaloids.

MyrtleSpiritual- Attract love, Fertility, Youth, Peace, Money & good fortune. Myrtle was sacred to the Goddess Aphrodite & Demeter. A sachet under the pillow will aid in dream interpretations. Medicinal- in aromatherapy the oil is great for sinusitis, and such infections. The oil is also used by those with herpes infections.

Oregon GrapeSpiritual- Money, Prosperity. Medicinal- Oregon grape detoxifies and cleanses the liver, the spleen and in some cases the blood too. The purple fruits can have a cooling effect when crushed and put in drinks used by herbalists to break fevers. High in vitamin C, the berries were used to prevent and treat scurvy. The root is often administered as an infusion for eczema & psoriasis. Oregon Grape is an effective alternative to the endangered Goldenseal.

PatchouliSpiritual- Virility, Sexuality, Fertility, Divination & Money. Regarded as an aphrodisiac with magical powers. it is used in potpourris and sachets and place between linen, to keep bedbugs away. Medicinal - Patchouli oil has a grounding and balancing effect on the emotions. On the skin, this oil is one of the most active and is a superb tissue regenerator, which helps to stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Periwinkle (Madagascar)- Spiritual- Patron herb of Wiccans. Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Money, Protection. The dried flowers may be added to any magical mixture to enhance the working. Banishes negative energy. Makes one feel desirable.  Medicinal- it have been used to treat numerous diseases, including diabetes, malaria, Hodgkins disease and leukemia. It can be dangerous if consumed orally. It can be hallucinogenic, and poisonous.

Pine– Spiritual- Healing, Fertility, Protection, Exorcism, Money. A cleansing, purifying scent used in the bath to erase past mistakes & sins and let one start over. Medicinal- Help fights convalescence and fatigue, rheumatism & arthritis, spasms & tension.

PoppySpiritual- Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility. Poppies have long been used as a symbol of both sleep and death, and are used as offerings to the dead. Medicinal-The opium poppy is so widely used, for both drugs and food, that its worldwide production is monitored by international agencies. It yields opium and opiates, poppy seed for use in cooking and baking, poppy seed oil for both culinary and other uses, and is also cultivated as an ornamental plant.

VervainSpiritual- The Witches Herb. Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep. Healing. Empowers any magic, especially love spells. Enhances dream quests, empowers ritual tools, protects from negativity, great for house blessings. Buried in a field, it will make your crops abundant. It is burned to attract wealth, and hung above a bed to prevent nightmares. Medicinal- A tonic for the nervous system, helps stress and tension, promotes sleep. Increases milk production after child birth. It relieves premenstrual syndrome.

For use in potions:

(not recommended for consumption)

Boil an object of material value such as a coin (preferably gold or silver) with chosen herbs and/or spices. Brew for two or more hours.

The ritual is up to you.

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Green Witchcraft: Walking the Green Path


  A green witch is someone who works closely with nature and her gifts. It is a nature-based expression of spirituality that focuses on the individual’s interaction with their environment. This witch is usually a wildcrafter, a herbalist, or an amazing gardener. The folklore on the spiritual and medicinal uses of plants is incredibly extensive and global, and it is this along with personal experience from which the green witch draws their knowledge and practices from. If the kitchen witch’s focus is the hearth, then the green witch’s focus is the woods and/or agriculture. 

  The green path is a highly individual practice, usually solitary, free-form,and for the most part it is secular. It consists of both witchcraft and shamanic practices, but is neither. It is an intensely personal path that integrates ability, like and dislikes, the climate of your particular geographic location, and your interaction with the energy of your environment. It isn’t a tradition so much as a personal adaption of an ideal. There isn’t really any history with green witchcraft because it is such an individual-specific tradition. The green witch mold their path to suit their own needs & environment s/he is working with/in. Though there are echos of our ancestors’ agricultural traditions and practices which are steeped with folk-magic and pagan belief. Today a green witch may use some of the beliefs of our ancestors in their practices. Perhaps in methods of plant or herb collection,blessing, prayers & chants, as well as the way they celebrate festivals. Most of the magic practiced by a green witch will involve herbs and plants in some way. They may also work with nature itself instead of just parts taken from it.

  Some green witches become guardians of a piece of land – protecting it, cleaning litter, healing wounds of the past, and working with the spirits and creatures that live on it. This is more likely the practice of a wildcrafter than a gardener. A wildcrafter harvests foods, herbs, and medicines from the wild, while also taking into account ecological ethics and responsibility. A green witch, then, is someone who lives the green path and is aware of how the energy of nature flows through their life and environment, even if that environment is not a traditional garden or forest setting.

  Because the path of the green witch is an individualized solo practice, any modern book on green witchcraft is simply a single author’s way of interpreting the practice (not anything by Ann Moura, her books are better classified as “Green Wicca”) Initiation into green witchcraft is technically impossible. There exists no body if formal knowledge passed on through careful training, no establish group mind to which you are connected by sacred ceremonies performed by elders. A practitioner of green witchcraft may pass on their personal knowledge, including his/her personal notes and writings, to another, but that’s not an initiatory process. Reading a specific author’s ideas and views concerning the path of the green witch is a form of apprenticeship  in which you learn a new way of looking at your world and discover new exercises and techniques that will help you refine and deepen your connection to the natural world around you. This process cannot be as intensely personal as a traditional apprenticeship, where the apprentice worked beside the master, but it is a modern form of acquiring the knowledge and skills of one particular practitioner.

  Green witches seek to establish an intimate connection with nature, especially the plants that feed, shelter, warm, and provide for human beings in countless ways. An appreciation of nature and the wonders of creation are part of the green witch’s philosophy of life. S/he strives to work in partnership with his/her plants and Mother Earth. A green witch with a focus on herbalism will learn the spiritual, magical, and medicinal uses of various herbs and plants and incorporate them into their magical and healing practices. It is recommended to take a legitimate herbalist’s course if this is your desire – without the correct knowledge about preparation and dosage, one can do more harm than good with herbal medicines.

  To practice green magick you must first reconnect with nature. You can’t honour something you don’t feel an intimate connection with, and you certainly can’t call on the energies of plant spirits without spending time with plants. For witches who live in the concrete jungle, this may present some challenges. But even in the heart of the city, you can find parks, botanical gardens, greenhouses, garden centers or a potted plant in your home where you can commune with plants.

If you choose to become a green witch, plants will play an important role in your life and have many applications. Here are some ways you might choose to work with the magical properties of plants:

  • Watching plant behavior for omens and signs

  • Gathering loosened leaves and petals for magic

  • Using plant matter in amulets and talismans

  • Adding plant matter to incense and candles

  • Collecting and drying plants for decorative touches in your magical journal or to keep a physical record of a plant along side it’s magical & medicine properties

  • Placing live plants in various parts of your home to encourage personal growth and well-being

To save this from being a uber long post, I highly recommend that you get yourself The Way of the Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hisock

It is a wonderful book for those seeking to practice green witchcraft, it straight forward, thorough & easy to use

Sources (x) (x) (x)

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Blood moon // 4.15.14 

Did you watch the blood moon? 

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Beautiful in life, even more so in death.
Took this picture last summer(2010) in Colorado. Right outside of a friends Cabin.




Beautiful in life, even more so in death.

Took this picture last summer(2010) in Colorado. Right outside of a friends Cabin.


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